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Chicago is the third densest city in the US and it proudly boasts of its iconic and grand urban architecture. The city is also known as the Windy city and it is also a great confluence of the cultural events including jazz festivals, theatre, visual arts, comedy shows, soul gospel music, great culinary scene and so on. The city stands with open arms every year to receive millions of tourists. Come to Air Tickets Pro and we will help you book the cheapest flight to Chicago hassle free.

Major attractions in Chicago

Fall and spring are the best seasons to visit the city. However, the time from June to August is the time when there is a huge flow of tourists in the city as a number of exciting festivals are held during the period. Book your ticket in advance if you are planning to visit the city during this time.

There are many tourists’ attractions in the city, some of the notable ones are:

  • Shedd Aquarium

This aquarium is home to some 1500 species of marine life. This is the most visited aquarium in the city. This is built on the museum campus along with the Field Museum of Natural History and Adler Planetarium. This trio forms a great attraction for the tourists to visit the city every year.

  • Navy Pier

It is an iconic landmark in Chicago with a 3300-foot pier on the Lake Michigan. This pier has celebrated its 100 years of foundation and it is flooded with hotels, restaurants, parks, shops, gardens and so on. It is also the top leisure destinations in the Mid-west that caters to some nine million guests annually.

  • Willis Tower

This is one of the tallest buildings in North America and the tower stands at 442 M with its stunning sky deck overlooking the city. It is a hub for business, tourism and culture. It is open to tourists who can purchase as ticket and reach the deck to enjoy a lofty view of the city.

The city enjoys the presence of two international airports and there is no dearth of flights from all the prominent destinations of the world. Call us to book your flight to Chicago today.

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